Bruno Ceccobelli

Doppia luce

Opening 11 maggio 2019 ore 18:00, fino al 27 giugno 2019

By Alberto Fiz

“My vision is spiritual and is commensurate with the accent I put on the invisible, for example on the representation ofvibrationsrather than on the boundaries of the appearances of things. I mean that I am less interested in the formal aspect of figural representation; rather I act to grasp goodvibrationsin their essence.”

Bruno Ceccobelli acts on the occult and mystery component of an image that never reveals itself completely, that slips away without letting itself be captured; an artist-seer, he avoids all forms of linguistic regimentation and undermines materialist thought.

Since his early work in the first half of the seventies, he has expressed his subversive vein in relation to a complacent and reassuring language, where a minimal-advertising aesthetic formalism prevails. 

Faced with the prevalence of brandedandlogged-on artpackagedfor the window dressers of luxury goods, in line with a trend that has become unbearable over the last decade, he launched his cry of pain in apolemicalpamphletthat was not without irony and recalled the posters of the early 1900s.

Ceccobelli celebrates black, which has always been a part of his expressive resources (Luce nera, for example,is a major work from 1985). A black(a black hole?) filled withlight, in fact double light and it collapses due to excess of brightness.The material hosts the whole and fills the gaps. Not by chance, at the center ofIrideandPupillaappears, sometimes, a small mirror, a symbol of imagination and self-reflection that absorbs the black and reveals the real by zeroing the colors. The outside world, depotentiated by appearances, is behind us with its store of memories following us like a shadow. Before lies our consciousness.

Alberto Fiz